How to make a radio play

- Sumarskóli


In this course the students will learn how to make a radio play. There will be a short introduction into the radio play, into recording technics and how to edit the recording.

The course is equivalent to 3 ECTS credits, however, you need to apply to have it assessed at the relevant department as the course is not part of the university curriculum.


Within one week the students will produce one radio play, starting with the selection of the text and its dramaturgical considerations, recording technic, recording of speaker, music, sounds and field recording.

By completing the course:
The students will be able to understand the process involved for a radio play
The students will be able to make recordings
The student will be familiar with basic editing skills


Teacher of the course is Anouschka Trocker. She studied literature at the Free University of Berlin where she moved in 1989. Anouschka had the chance to see this city at the beginning of the 90´s when an exciting scene of experimental music started to develop. It was a special time and space to both try and explore new things; to turn daily sound into music, to listen to the environment in a different way, to reconfigure the surroundings. Her interests for literature and noise/sound/music has significantly shaped the way she works today.

Since 1999 Anouschka has worked with text and sound: 
She conceives and direct radio plays for the German Broadcast, 
does sound design for theater, film and performance and
creates sound installations based on field-recordings.

Anouschka likes to transform the meaning of the sounds, to de-contextualize them in order to play with new possibilities, unexpected mistakes, and surprising discoveries. 


Registration for the course is 3000.- kr.  to be paid by credit card or a claim in online bank before start of the course.

Students enrolled on spring semester 2020 at HA do not have to pay for the course.
Note: A reservation is made that the course may be canceled if participation is insufficient.


There a no startdates for this programme yet.

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