Roman History for Undergraduates

- Sumarskóli


The course is equivalent to 4 ECTS credits, however, you need to apply to have it assessed at the relevant department.

This course intertwines historical sources, anthropology, literature, art and mythology to draw an exhaustive understanding of the political developments and processes that underline the history of the oldest Mediterranean empire. Furthermore the course outlines key historical and anthropological aspects of Roman History from its foundation to its inevitable collapse in the fifth century DC. 

The course is taught in English

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This is an online course from July 20th – August 15th.


Rome was funded in the eighth century BC as a small settlement surrounded by seven hills in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Mythology narrates how that the foundation of Rome was the venture of twin brothers, sons of a Vestal Virgin and priestess of the goddess Vesta, raised and nourished by a she-wolf. Rome soon developed over the centuries from a small city-state into becoming the biggest Mediterranean empire, reaching its maximum territorial extent in the second century DC with the Emperor Trajan. At its biggest, the Roman empire stretched across all Europe, from Britain to the North of Africa in the West and to the Tigris and Euphrates in the East. Defeated by both internal and external pressures, the biggest Mediterranean Empire eventually collapsed in the fifth century DC, starting European Medieval history and developing into a new autonomous entity in the East.


The course runs from July 20th – August 15th.
Week 1: Lectures via Zoom
Week 2: Lectures via Zoom
Week 3: Lectures via Zoom
Week 4: Lectures via Zoom

Assessment method for credit-seeking students (4 ECTS): Attendance and participation in class (30%) and final quis (70%)


Course teacher is Federica Scarpa, she has a Diploma in Classica, MA in Anthropology and MA in Polar law.


Registration fee for the course is 3000.- kr.  to be paid by credit card or a claim in online bank before start of the course.

Students enrolled on spring semester 2020 at HA do not have to pay for the course.
Note: A reservation is made that the course may be canceled if participation is insufficient.


There a no startdates for this programme yet.

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